Julie Buchman is an active practicing attorney, with more than 25 years of domestic and international legal experience. Ms. Buchman was a practicing attorney in Russia and, upon coming to the United States, earned her law degree from the New York University School of Law . Growing up in Russia and initially practicing law in Moscow, her bilingual skills as an English and Russian speaking mediator have proven to be an asset for her clients.

Ms Buchman, a granddaughter of a prominent Russian jurist, chose law as her life’s pursuit since her young age and consistently pursued her calling across times, political systems and continents. After graduating from Moscow State Law University in 1987, she practiced law representing clients both in Moscow City and Regional courts working on civil cases in probate, family law, and contracts. Upon arriving to America, she was determined to continue her career in law. Since her graduation from the New York University School of Law, she has been representing plaintiffs in personal injury (auto accidents, slip/trip and fall incidents) cases and has successfully settled thousands of claims with insurance companies. Julie Buchman often used her negotiating skills to resolve her cases without litigation and court proceedings.

In addition to running a personal injury practice, Ms. Buchman is currently returning her good fortune to the community by working as an arbitrator at the Small Claims Courts of the City and State of New York and at the Housing Court of NYC, Kings county representing indigent clients before these courts.
Most recently she completed her mediation training at New York Peace Institute. She also completed the Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediation Training.

During her legal career Julie Buchman always strived to help her clients resolve their differences amicably, without resorting to expensive and time- consuming judicial intervention. As a result, she developed exceptional listening and mediating skills. Capitalizing on her life-long experience with bringing litigants to mutually acceptable compromises, Buchman has decided to devote her career to mediation.

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    Professional Background

    Ms. Buchman was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1999 and has been practicing in New York ever since. She is a Member of American Bar Association and a founding partner of Law offices of Buchman & Associates, P.C. As part of her interest in an extrajudicial dispute resolution, Ms. Buchman has been sworn as an Arbitrator at the Small courts of New York City. During trials, she often brings the parties to the settlement stipulation using her mediation skills.

    Law Degrees

    Moscow State Law University, Russia, 1987

    New York University School of Law, 1998

    Mediation Training

    Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediation Training

    New York Peace Institute Mediation Training


    As Ms. Buchman’s primary goal is to help people, her hourly rates are negotiable to best suit the budget of prospective clients.